Sand and Water


Beach vibes. They’re some of the best vibes. It’s hard to be negative when surrounded by salt water, sea shells, white sand and life-loving people.

 Being at the beach feels like freedom. It’s restorative. There’s a glow in people’s smiles. Positivity radiates through every being. The beach is a good place to be.

This planet is so magnificent. Every detail is precious and intentional. There’s not one mistake, thanks be to God.

Capturing the glorious days spent on the beach wasn’t my first priority. But, nonetheless, I managed to snag a few photos.

Elise Hendrickson

*Posted in response to The Daily Post photo challenge: Earth
  • These photos are taken by Elise Hendrickson. Please do not use without permission.
  • Photos taken on Pentax K-S2. All photos taken at Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.
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